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Back injuries of tennis players are most frequently caused by poor posture whilst playing. Many athletes keep their heads forward and put immense pressure on their backs, which can cause aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, and back. As well as this, aching can also occur due to the hard and uneven surface of the court, which puts pressure on the lower limb of the body.

Adjustable Lower Back & Hip Support for Pain Relief


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360 Relief Sacroiliac belt support can help to ease hip and lower back pain and provides adequate support and protection.

Adjustable Lower Back Support Belt for Spine Injury


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360 Relief Lower back belt provides a combination of Comfort and Protection.

This item provides targeted compression.

Back Support Belt for Spine Injury Pain Relief


Made for Performance & Recovery!!

360 Relief Lower back belt provides a combination of Comfort and Protection. This item provides targeted compression.

Lower Back Belt Support to Relieve Back Pain and Discomfort


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360 Relief abdominal belt provides a combination of Comfort and Protection.

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Lower Lumbar Back Support Belt for Pain Relief


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360 relief Back Support belt is designed to provide enough support that helps prevent back pain and correct posture.

Tennis players may experience sudden and acute pain in their lower back, which may become persistent. The discomfort may only be on one side of the back and will get worse with movement and exercise. However, the pain may also travel from the lower back to the hips and legs. If you feel chronic pain and discomfort in the middle of your back, it could be a disc, and the pain may or may not intensify depending on your posture.
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Lower Back Support Belt

Made for Performance & Recovery!! 360 Relief Abdomen Support provides a combination of Comfort and Protection. This item provides targeted compression.

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On the other hand, muscular back pain feels stiff and achy whilst playing tennis. The consistent and repetitive motion of hitting a tennis ball may injure your lower back as the stress and pressure on your back can cause persistent discomfort and inflammation. To avoid harm and suffering, it is a good idea to wear a back support brace during and after playing tennis.

Your Doctor may advise you to wear a back support instead of surgery as a therapy option. Back braces are generally worn for a few weeks to reduce the risk of injuries, acute pain, and swelling; it is essential to wear one for protection and effective healing.

Furthermore, back braces also provide good support and can help to relieve pain and prevent spasms. They can be effective in straightening and improving your posture, as well as soothing muscle strains, sprains, and other injuries, including post-surgery rehab.

360 Relief offers a wide range of professionally-designed braces and supports that reduce injury risk and provide excellent support. This can help increase blood circulation, pain relief, and swelling control. The braces and supports come in a variety of sizes and colours in order to match your specific needs.

How Is Tennis Bad For My Back?

Tennis can compress lumbar discs and cause hyperextension at the lower back, stress the small joints in the lumbar discs, and spin. It can also cause stress on the tendons and ligaments around the spine.

How Do I Know If I Have Back Pain In Tennis?

Tennis players may experience several symptoms, including sudden, sharp and persistent dull pain in the lower back. Sometimes, they may experience pain at one side that gets worse with movements. If you experience such pain, avoid training and consult your GP immediately.

How Does Back Support Help With Tennis?

Back supports help tighten the waist area and provide support to the lumbar region. Besides this, back supports help sitting and standing comfortably and help lessen strain and pressure on the spine.

How To Prevent Back Injuries In Tennis?

By following the given preventive measures, you can get a safe tennis experience:

  • Do warm-up exercises before going to the tennis court
  • Choose an appropriate racket for you
  • Wear proper tennis shoes
  • Use back supports While playing
How to Choose The Best Back Support For Tennis?

You can choose the best back support for tennis by considering various things. For example, level of support is the primary thing to consider; however, size, material, and durability are other factors to know before buying a back support. You can also take advice from your healthcare professional.

Self-Heating Magnetic Belt for Lower Back

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360 Relief Back belts are effective to relieve pressure on the spine while treating back pain and stiffness.

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