Ankle supports and braces are worn to protect them from sprains and other ankle injuries. They also help immobilize the joint to speed up the recovery process. Athletes involved in high contact sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, and soccer are at higher risk of ankle injuries.

That’s why they are advised to wear ankle braces to play safely and enhance their performance. Ankle braces work as external support to help limit certain motions, such as plantarflexion/inversion. They also provide awareness of whether the ankle joint is in space or not. If you experience chronic ankle pain from plantar fasciitis, and tendonitis an ankle brace or sleeve helps soothe the pain by compressing the ankle joints.
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Ankle braces are of different types, including straps, lace-ups, and sleeves. Lace-up braces help provide maximum support and allow you to customize tightness from top to bottom. Straps help provide advanced protection and increase compression. They are recommended for conditions where you may be vulnerable to spraining or rolling your ankle.

Ankle sleeves are knit and neoprene fabric and help provide primary protection with moderate compression. They are considered the best tool to relieve pain, inflammation, and swelling. People with tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis should wear ankle sleeves.

Before choosing an ankle brace, you should take care of several things, including comfortability, frequency, and tightening level. Make sure you select the correct size and material that suits your skin. It should be breathable and snug enough to avoid irritations and discomfort. Wear them during sports, running, and other intense physical activities to reduce the risk of injury.

Your GP may recommend wearing ankle braces for several ankle injuries, such as ankle sprains or strains, for at least two to six weeks. You can wear them as long as it is comfortable.

However, to get better results, you should wear ankle braces under the instructions of your coaches or GP. Whether you are suffering from mild ankle sprains or severe pain in ankles, ankle supports and braces help reduce the pain and irritations.

Do ankle supports help weak ankles?

Ankle joints experience a lot of wear and tear due to physical or sports activity. And it can lead you to severe ankle injuries. Wearing an ankle brace can offer support to your weak ankles if you experience pain and discomfort in the ankles.

How long can I wear an ankle brace?

If you have an ankle injury, you may need to wear ankle support for three to six weeks. Your doctor may prescribe a boot or an ankle brace to wear. It will probably help joints to keep in place and also relieve pain by providing protection.

What is neoprene ankle support?

Neoprene ankle support provides both warmth and compression to your ankles. This support captures body heat, keeping the ankle warm by improving blood circulation. It relieves pain and discomfort from arthritis, tendinitis, and muscular fatigue.

When should I wear ankle support?

Ankle supports can be worn in several conditions, like daily activities and high-intensity sports. An ankle sleeve gives protection and compression that can help relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and more.

How tight should ankle support be?

It should be a tight fit. But, it should not be very tight, causing blood flow issues. However, It should be firm enough to create some compression yet loose enough that your skin can breathe.

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