Calf supports or sleeves usually fit around your calf from the ankle to below the knee. You wear them for many different conditions, such as running, workout, and recovery from an injury. Calf supports provide graduate pressure to your calves and help direct fluid flow away from calves and up to your heart.

They also increase pressure in your veins, increasing blood flow back to the heart, which ensures a constant flow of fresh blood in the veins. Wearing calf supports helps keep the muscles warm during exercise and sports, making muscles less prone to injury and fatigue. The primary function of calf supports or sleeves is compression to your calves. You should consult your GP to choose the best grade or compression calf supports; for example, if you stand on your feet all day or are travelling, a 15 – 25 compression level calf support is the best option; or if you need to wear calf support to treat varicose veins and other circulatory issues, the calf supports or sleeves with 25 – 40 compression levels may be best.
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Besides compression level, you also need to know the size and material/fabric used to design the calf supports. Choose one that suits your skin.

Generally, there is no rule about how long you can wear calf support, but you need to know when to wear one. If you are injury-free and exercising, you can wear calf supports during the exercise session for support; and if you suffer from a calf strain or other problems, you can wear them to remove the symptoms.

Make sure that you are wearing calf supports under the instructions of your trainers or GP to get potential benefits. It is worth noting that wearing calf supports incorrectly or excessively can cause wounds and irritation to the skin, so it’s best not to wear them unnecessarily.

Whether you need protection in sports or to speed up the healing process following an injury, calf supports can be helpful in both situations.

Do Calf Compression Sleeves Work?

Yes, calf compression sleeves help to reduce any swelling and pain caused by an injury. Compression sleeves may also be beneficial for shin splint, tendinitis, and muscle cramp.

Who Should Wear Calf Supports?

Anyone actively involved in sports needs to wear calf support to avoid injuries during playing. Anyone recovering from a calf injury also needs to wear calf supports to help with the pain. However, anyone travelling can also wear calf supports to keep their calves warm and the blood circulation flowing while travelling.

Are Calf Compression Sleeves Good For Calf Strain?

Yes, calf compression sleeves are suitable for calf strains. Calf compression sleeves or supports provide your muscles with the needed support to help heal them.

Should I Wear Calf Compression Sleeves While Sleeping?

No, you should avoid wearing calf compression sleeves while sleeping. With their high compression level, the compression socks provide a constant level of pressure to the circulatory system, which is not suitable for your health while you are sleeping.

Can I Wear Calf Compression Sleeves All Day?

Calf compression sleeves are not recommended to wear all day. The compression is designed to increase blood flow, but as the compression stops at the ankle, it may produce swelling at the base of the ankles.

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