Are you tired of sleepless nights because of a wrist injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome? Our wrist supports have been designed to help reduce pain experienced from carpal tunnel syndrome. These wrist supports are also perfect for keeping your wrist protected during sports or various exercises. Carpal tunnel syndrome, CTS, is pressure on the wrist nerves.

Although, in severe conditions, it may also cause tingling and numbness in your wrist. You can treat carpal tunnel syndrome on your own, but it may take months to recover. However, if you are experiencing pain in your hand or wrist, you must not ignore it. If you are experiencing pain in your fingers, numbness in your hands, weakness in the thumb, and difficulty gripping something, you may have developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Most often, wrist problems occur during work, exercise, and sports.
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Wrist Support Brace

A secure strap system combined with a perfectly positioned splint to keep your wrist in a neutral position for pain relief.

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The good thing about wrist supports is that you can wear them during pretty much any activity. It causes pain in your hands and fingers. However, to get the best possible results, it is recommended that you wear wrist support only when you are experiencing wrist pain.

Most health professionals also suggest that one should not wear wrist support all day. They should be removed before going to sleep. Here we would like to add that you must choose the right product to get better results. For example, some people think that the wrist bandages and the wrist supports are the same things and have the same results. However, this is not the truth.

Wrist bandages are made of different materials and only offer support to minor wrist injuries. Wrist support, on the other hand, are made up of more robust materials and is helpful if you are suffering from severe wrist disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So, it would help if you took your time in choosing the right product according to your needs.

What helps with carpal tunnel while playing or training?
  • You can reduce the pressure on your median nerve by changing your hand and wrist position.
  • Do some stretching exercises before playing.
  • Take a short break between work or activity.

These all can help you to reduce the chances of having CTS.

Does the carpal tunnel go away on its own?

If the carpal tunnel is moderate and you can discover it early, then there are chances that it might go away on its own with proper rest. But if it’s severe, then you have to take strict treatments for faster recovery. Wearing supports for carpal tunnel is also a good idea for its healing.

What happens if you don’t treat carpal tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause weakness and poor coordination in your fingers and thumb if left untreated. Its treatment is essential; otherwise, you gradually experience shivering in your hands and can’t lift anything.

Is the median nerve permanently damaged from carpal tunnel?

If you continuously ignore the symptoms and leave your injury untreated, it can damage the nerves permanently. The condition can get worse with the passage of time, which can also cause sleepless nights.

What is the ideal way to cure carpal tunnel pain?

If you’re suffering from carpal tunnel pain, the best way to treat the symptoms are:

  • Restrict your hand and wrist movements.
  • Avoid repetitive motions of the wrist.
  • Wearing a wrist brace that holds your wrist in a neutral and firm position
  • Take anti-inflammatory medicines.

Wrist Support Brace

A secure strap system combined with a perfectly positioned splint to keep your wrist in a neutral position for pain relief.

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