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Lifting heavyweights frequently in the gym can cause repetitive strain injury. Common causes of injuries which cause elbow pain are tennis elbow, trapped nerve, cubital tunnel syndrome, pronator teres syndrome, posterior interosseous nerve syndrome and a dislocated/fractured elbow. Lateral epicondylitis occurs when the elbow bones tendon swell or tear due to twisting, gripping, or lifting the heavyweight. A trapped nerve, also known as a pinched nerve, may result from the pressure from surrounding tissues in the elbow. Cubital nerve syndrome occurs when the ulnar nerve becomes irritated or compressed.

Adjustable Elbow Support Brace to Prevent Tennis Elbow


Treat Your Tennis Elbow with 360 Relief!

360 Relief Tennis Elbow Support Brace can help relieve acute pain and discomfort while reducing the symptoms of tennis elbow.

Adjustable Tennis Elbow Strap to Prevent Tennis Elbow & Pain


Wear & Continue your activities without any discomfort!

360 Relief Tennis Elbow Strap can be helpful in the treatment and recovery of tennis elbow. It can help prevent recurrence and ease pain by providing support.

Compression Elbow Support Sleeve for Tennis Elbow


Relieve aches, pain and inflammation!!

360 Relief Elbow Support provides a snug, yet flexible fit which helps muscles and reduce the risk of injuries.

Compression Elbow Support Sleeve for Tennis Elbow Pain Relief


Relieve aches, pain and inflammation!!

360 Relief Elbow Support provides a snug, yet flexible fit which helps muscles and reduce the risk of injuries.

Elbow Compression Sleeve With Strap for Tennis & Golf


Relieve aches, pain and inflammation!!

360 Relief Elbow Support provides a snug, yet flexible fit which helps muscles and reduce the risk of injuries.

Elbow Compression Wrap Support for Muscle Pain, Sprain & Sports Injury


360 Relief compression wrap Bandage provides a combination of comfort and protection. Reducing the risk of sports-related injuries. It helps to boost blood circulation and accelerate recovery.

Tennis & Golf Elbow Strap Support to Prevent Elbow Injuries and Pain


Wrap Our Strap and Feel Free to Play!

360 Relief Tennis Elbow Strap can help to reduce pain, inflammation, and discomfort while also preventing additional damage.

When pronator teres muscle traps the median nerve, it may result in pronator teres syndrome. An entrapped branch of the radial nerve near the outside of the elbow can cause posterior interosseous nerve syndrome. Excessive weight and pressure during a weight session can cause elbow joint dislocation or fracture. Common symptoms you may feel after elbow injuries are sharp pains, aching sensations, swelling, tingling sensations, numbness and weakness in the arm, wrists or hands.
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If you feel elbow pain and other symptoms, you should leave the gym and consult your GP immediately. Your GP will perform a physical checkup and other radiological tests to determine the symptoms. To reduce initial symptoms at home, the RICE method (rest, ice massage, compressions, and elevation) is advised.

Over-the-counter medications and anti-inflammatory drugs help reduce the pain and swelling. Physical therapy is a way to improve the elbow’s range of motion. Surgery is required to repair the dislocated or fractured elbow.

The recovery process will depend upon the severity and location of the damage. If the pain is moderate or the symptoms are mild, the pain will gradually diminish within a few days by home remedies. Severe conditions, including dislocated or fractured joints, may take several months to fully recover. Warm-up your body before workouts and cool down when the session is over. Ensure that you are lifting weights under the instructions of your trainer or coach. Regular stretching exercises keep your body flexible to bear stress and pressure during weightlifting.

Wearing elbow supports and sleeves keep you protected during gym workouts and provide the needed compression to speed up the recovery process following an injury. At 360 relief, you can find a variety of elbow supports to help recover from an elbow injury.

What Causes Elbow Injuries In Gym?

During exercise or gym, repetitive movements, tendon sprains, or overuse may result in elbow pain and inflammation. Lifting heavy weight and performing the same routine in the gym without training every muscle group may result in muscular imbalance, increasing the strain in the elbow joint.

Do Elbow Braces Help In Weight Lifting?

Yes, elbow braces help lift weight in the gym. They help lower blood lactate levels and blood pooling, resulting in reducing pain and swelling. They also help stabilize the elbow to lift weight accurately.

Are Elbow Braces Bad For My Elbow?

Elbow braces are an effective treatment for a range of conditions related to elbow injuries. They also reduce the chances of further injuries. But, overuse of elbow braces and inappropriate use can worsen your pain and enhance the chances of injuries.

How Tight Should An Elbow Brace Be?

An elbow brace should be breathable and stretchable to help undertake exercise. It should not be tight enough to limit the blood flow or the range of motion; however, the elbow brace should not be loose because it won’t provide the much-needed compressions and supports.

Can I Wash My Elbow Supports?

As elbow braces absorb sweat during a workout, you should wash them after every few times to avoid the smell. Hand wash them using mild detergent. If your elbow braces are designed with metallic components, avoid washing them and wipe them with a damp washcloth.

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