A leg support is a device used to immobilize leg joints. It restricts movement in a given direction, assists movement by reducing the weight-bearing forces or may contribute to correcting the body’s shape. Your GP may suggest wearing a leg brace when you experience sprains, bursitis, tendinitis, ligaments tear, bowed legs, and other leg posture problems.

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When you experience any leg problem, consult your GP to determine the problem. Once the problem is diagnosed, your GP will make a treatment plan. Bracing is the initial stage of treatment because it can immobilize your leg to prevent further injuries. The primary function of leg support is to provide needed support and compression. Support or compression level is crucial when choosing a leg brace. Support or compression level depends upon the severity of the injury.
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Your GP will decide which support level you might need to help with your leg problems. Besides support level, proper sizing also matters. Poorly fitted leg support cannot provide enough support or compression to reduce the symptoms.

Make sure that your leg brace is not too tight as it can cut the blood or fluid circulation and cause a skin infection or irritation. Ensure that you wear a leg brace under the instructions of your GP or your trainers.

You can wear the leg braces as long as you exercise or play sports to provide protection and support. However, there is no rule about how long you can wear a leg brace. Wearing a leg brace might depend upon the severity of the condition.

After diagnosing the symptoms, your GP will better tell you how long you should wear a leg brace. You can also wear the leg braces during travelling when you are suspected of developing swelling or pain during flight. Overuse or excessive use of a leg brace can cause atrophy in leg muscles, balance problems, overheating, and numbness.

Whether you suffer from leg sprains or nerve damage or want to wear them for protection against overhead activities, leg braces can help you in all situations. You only need to know the brace’s proper fitting and sizing. 360 relief provides you with a range of leg braces to choose the best one according to your needs.

What Does A Leg Support Do?

Leg supports can support and stabilize a leg injury. In emergencies, doctors often use splints because they are quick to apply.

Should I Walk With Leg Support?

You may be able to walk with a leg brace, but it is not recommended to walk soon after an injury because injuries like leg sprains, leg fractures, and leg dislocations take time to heal before weight-bearing. Walking or moving too soon may slow the process of healing.

What Are The Benefits Of Neoprene Leg Brace?

Neoprene leg braces are high-quality leg braces. They help provide the right amount of compression, support, and warmth to start the optimal healing process for your leg injuries.

How Many Hours Should I Wear Leg Support?

Depending on your need, you can wear leg support from a few hours to all day. However, it would help if you took them off before going to bed.

What Is a Full Leg Brace And How Does It Work?

A full leg brace is a support brace designed to provide more stability to the hip and lower torso. It also helps in giving pelvic stability. The hip section stabilizes and aligns the lower leg, because of which the unwanted motion is reduced.

Compression Calf Support

360 Relief neoprene wrap for your calves are designed to promote better blood circulation. Its Moisture-wicking design helps to keep your skin dry, minimizing blisters and avoiding odours.

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