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Wrist injury in Badminton

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Wrist injuries, including strains and tendonitis, are the most common in badminton players. These injuries may result from a sudden force or overuse. Intense swinging and hitting may also cause wrist fracture. Wrist pain is a common symptom that may increase gradually or suddenly. Moving the wrists against the resistance may worsen the pain. Severe conditions may make you feel a dull ache or throbbing sensation. When you feel such symptoms, you should avoid further playing and consult your GP to diagnose the injury.

Adjustable Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support Brace with Metal Strips


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Adjustable Thumb Wrist Support Brace with One Metal Strip for Thumb


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360 Relief Adjustable Thumb Wrist Support Brace can be helpful to reduce pain, stiffness, discomfort, swelling, and can help to cure injury faster.

Adjustable Wrist Support Brace for Pain Relief and Carpal Tunnel


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A secure strap system combined with a perfectly positioned splint to keep your wrist in a neutral position for pain relief.

Adjustable Wrist Support Brace with Metal Splints for Pain & Discomfort


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360 Relief Adjustable Wrist Brace can help you to reduce pain, swelling and keep your wrist in a neutral position to avoid unusual movements for faster recovery.

Stretchable Wrist & Thumb Support for Protection and Pain Relief


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360 Relief Wrist & Thumb Support Brace is effective to reduce pain and discomfort by providing additional support and compression.

Thumb & Wrist Brace Stabilizer to Support and Prevent Wrist Injuries


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360 Relief Thumb & Wrist Brace Stabilizer helps in the faster recovery of injuries by reducing pain, swelling, and discomfort while also offering compression!

Thumb Wrist Neoprene support for Weight Lifting & Gym Training


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360 Wrist wraps are perfect for supporting your wrist while power lifting, dead lifts, during squats or other exercises that may strain the wrist.

Wrist & Thumb support for Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis Pain Relief


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ISOLATES THE THUMB- giving free movement to all the other parts of the hand, so your thumb injury won’t hinder your daily activities

Wrist Support Bandage/Wrap for Relieve of Muscle Pain Sprain & Sports Injury


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Improper sized racquet, poor posture, lack of stretching, and poor swinging technique are the risk factors contributing to wrist injuries. Ignoring the symptoms may lead to chronic injury, which will prevent you from playing for a longer time. A physical checkup will help your GP diagnose the initial symptoms like tenderness, swelling, or deformity. Imaging or nerve tests and arthroscopy help determine the injury extent and other factors causing wrist pain. Home remedies, including ice packs and wearing compression bandages on the injured areas, help relieve pain.
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Over-the-counter pain relievers will help reduce swelling and pain. Your physiotherapist will help improve strength and flexibility through several exercises. Some severe conditions, such as bone fracture, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendon or ligament repair may require surgery.

The recovery time depends upon the severity of the injury. Mild injuries, such as sprain and tendonitis, may take several weeks to heal completely. Moderate or severe injuries may take longer to heal, such as tendon or ligament tear and fracture. Warming up your body is the most crucial part of your injury prevention routine.

A good warm-up will increase muscle temperature, blood flow, nerve impulses, and range of motion. A regular sports massage helps eliminate waste products and release bumps and tight knots in muscles that may cause strains or tear on retaining. Besides these, taking nutritious foods keep you healthy and safe.

Wearing wrist supports help you protect yourself in the court. They also provide needed compression to accelerate the healing process following an injury. 360 relief provides you with the best wrist supports to help with a wrist injury in Badminton.

What are the common injuries in badminton?

The common injuries in badminton are:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Wrist sprain
  • Blisters
  • Achilles’ tendon
  • Sprained ankles
How can I prevent my wrist from injury in badminton?

Badminton is an excellent sport to keep yourself fit and active. But, it is also essential to prevent injuries to continue the athletic life. So, wear arm support to protect your whole arm and wrist from injury and instability. It is also best to rest your hands and arms after playing badminton.

Why does my wrist hurt while playing badminton?

When your wrist is overextended, you can suffer a minor tear in your ligament, known as a wrist sprain. A wrist sprain occurs due to a sudden force or repetitive use of your wrist when playing badminton.

Does badminton help to build muscle?

Badminton is an excellent way of exercise; jumping, running and smashing while playing helps you maintain your body and physique. It can help you to build up your muscles but overplaying also leads you to injury. So, wear or wrap properly with protective equipment to keep yourself safe and active.

How can I prevent my wrist from injury when playing badminton?

Change your training routine, and relax your arm. Wear arm or wrist brace for protection and support. Mild stretching for your wrists, arms, and shoulders help strengthen them.

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