Wrist Injury

Have you ever felt pain or suffer from wrist injury after starting a new workout routine?

For people who lead an active lifestyle, injuries are common. But if it takes you away from doing what you love, you’ll get frustrated. Whether you’re an experienced or an amateur sports person, fast-paced games, and repetitive movements are enough to leave you injured.

So, relieve your wrist and hand pain with 360 Relief. Our braces help to reduce pain and are ideal for Wrist Sprain, RSI,  tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Wrist Fractures and Scaphoid Fracture. Help to relieve pain caused by overuse of the joint, muscle and tendons as well as injuries caused by repetitive movements, such as typing or exercising. Ideal for sports use – Tennis – Golf – Badminton or Boxing and also for other activities such as Gardening as it provides the right level of support without compromising mobility.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (19)

Golf Wrist Injury (21)

Repetitive Strain injury (19)

Scaphoid Injury (18)

Tendinitis of Wrist (21)

Wrist Fracture (22)

Wrist Sprain (22)

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